CampusPlus Magazine

Beauty Around the World

A feature story covering various definitions of beauty according to different cultures in the world.

Blackheads, Go Away!

A series of beauty tips and tricks in treating facial blackheads.

CampusPlus' Pick of the Month, December 2014

Short written reviews on sponsored beauty products.

D.I.Y Beauty Hacks

A feature story that highlights a series of do-it-yourself beauty hacks.

Eat Right for Your Skin

An article that lists down healthy food beneficial for skin.

Heavy Price of Beauty

A feature story covering the definition of beauty, and women's attempts and sacrifices to achieve the almost-impossible definition of beauty for centuries.

Nights of Frights 2014

A short write-up covering a theme park's annual Halloween ghost house.

October 2014 Events

A series of event listings, which are relevant to young adults' lifestyle.

Swimsuit Splash

A short write-up about swimsuits for women, with the purpose to highlight a series of brands.

The Evolution of Men's Hairstyles

A short write-up about the changes in men's hairstyles, with the purpose to highlight a series of hair-styling brands.

The Joy of Theme Parks

A curated series of theme parks all over Malaysia.

The Queen of Sequins

A curated series of sequin dresses, along with a short write-up about the dresses.