Clean Technology

Bali’s Renowned Udayana University Houses EX Zero Carbon’s Commercial Pilot in the Region

Udayana University, a renowned university in Bali, houses the regional commercial pilot of EX Zero Carbon’s portable waste treatment plants. The university, which is located near Bali’s prominent beach areas, has been working to resolve the island’s waste problems for years. Read more by clicking the link below!

Building A Sea(weed)World for Sustainable, Zero-emission Ocean Farms

EX Venture is planning to establish an automated, open ocean seaweed farming in Bali's Southeastern of Nusa Lembongan. The company is currently receiving funding from the German government for this project, with a three-year tenure for implementation. This project, named Ocean Farming, also invites other cleantech startups to participate in this project, to collaborate in optimizing and improving these farms' efficiency.

EX Venture Announces Three Cleantech Startups As Winner of EX Venture Night North America

Top global investors gathered in EX Venture Night North America's last February 25, 2021, to advise 15 American-based clean technology ("cleantech") startups pitching for market exposure and eventually create market traction. Upon their favorites, three companies, Ampaire, 2S Water, and Kraftwerk, had successfully passed EX Venture's competitive screening process and came out as winners in a mixed audience and expert vote.

Four People Who Make Waste Conversion Cool

Waste conversion is cool. At least in Bali, it is. The EX Zero Carbon team has curated four people who make waste conversion cool in Bali, turning waste into valuable energy. Who are these amazing people? Click on the link below to check them out!

EX Introduces Probably the Only Portable Waste-to-Energy System on Earth!

Curious on how Zero Carbon reactors were made? The story was ghostwritten for EX Zero Carbon's CEO Julien Uhlig, where he verbally told me the story, challenges, and development of these reactors. Read more by clicking the link below!

How Breakthrough Technology is Converting Waste into Energy to Solve the Ocean Waste Pandemic

EX Venture released recently Zero Carbon's X5 and X50 portable waste treatment plants that convert organic and inorganic waste into energy, used for heating, cooling, and other household necessities.

Zero Carbon Receives Funding to Integrate Next Generation Fuel Cell Tech, Boosting Efficiency

Breakthrough technology! Do you know that the clean gas emission from Zero Carbon can power fuel cells? What is the rate of efficiency? How can this disrupt the industry?

How Top Global Investors Help Cleantech Startups for Market Exposure

Featured on Disrupt Magazine, elaborating on EX Venture Night's North American Winners

Optimizing Effective LinkedIn Campaigns According to EX Venture’s Julien Uhlig

Ghost-editing for EX Venture's CEO Julien Uhlig

How Breakthrough Technology Is Converting Waste into Energy to Solve the Ocean Waste Pandemic

Zero Carbon's first press release for market commercializations and entries.